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The Royal Wedding

The truly beautiful spring we’re enjoying here in Great Britain sets the scene, we must hope, for a truly beautiful wedding in just under a week’s time. The bride is certain to look stunning; she is already a gift to the camera, being tall and slim with a nice dress sense. Indeed, she seems certain to give the late lamented Diana a run for her money in all these departments.

Diana’s imprint must lie heavily on William. He had, after all, reached 15 when he suffered that terrible tragedy. She had gone to extraordinary lengths to be a different sort of royal mother. Having suffered heartache as a child, she wanted her sons to appreciate how much of that there is out there beyond the privileged and cloistered world of the royals. Marrying into a solid, successful, loving middleclass English family, I hope William remembers this and delivers to us in the fullness of time a monarchy different from that which the palace courtiers are so keen on today.

The royal wedding will lift spirits and bring a bit of cheer to millions worldwide, especially in these straitened times. Then in July comes the wedding of the Queen’s down-to-earth and vivacious granddaughter, Zara Phillips. And then it’s all aboard for the really big one: the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next year—such a momentous occasion that you would have to go back to Queen Victoria to find another such celebration. Queen Elizabeth II seems on course to become the longest reigning monarch in human history. But poor old Charles! He seems on course to set his own record: the oldest person ever to ascend a throne.

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